Residency and postgraduate studies

We organize the language course which will help you in your study university  traineeship and postgraduate studies here in St. Petersburg .

Here is the list of documents for admission to the language (training) course:

  1. Passport (copy in color);
  2. Diploma of the University or higher college (copy in color);
  3. Your CV (we'll send a form to fill in).


  1. You will need to pay fees 30% of the total services ($ 930) or (310 $) to start the course;
  2. After your filling out the profile of the University please send it to us via email or personal message (copy in color). We will send back you an invitation from the University by DHL to the address that you specified in the CV (the address of your residence);
  3. Once you've got the invitation of the University please call or check on the Russian embassy website to know the list for obtaining a visa in Russia. The Russian embassy is in the capital of your country;
  4. After getting a Russian visa please notify us about the time of arrival in Russia;
  5. We will meet you at the airport and go to the University to help you get a room in its dormitory.

Here is the list of necessary documents which you should prepare before arriving to Russia and bring(have) them here with you in St Petersburg ( you will not be able to start the first year of study without them).

  1. College or University Diploma and degree certificate (signed and stamped by the Ministry of Education);
  2. Diploma of Higher Education seal, (seal Senescyt for Latin America);
  3. Recordings with the seals of the Faculty Academic lawyer's secretary, University's secretary (Senescyt on them for Latin America);
  4. The plan of your studies with the seals of the faculty lawyer's secretary, University secretary and Senescyt;
  5. Letter from the employer (residence, in the countryside, internships), specified in the registration, and duly certified by the head of the service (with a doctor's stamp) and the Ministry of Health;
  6. All documents must be provided with an apostille of the competent local authorities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that they can be considered in Russia. (Apostille- international standardized form of filling the information on the legality of the document for presentation on the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization. Stamp "Apostille" is placed only on the original state documents).

These documents, plus two copies of the passport will be received for translation and notarization of them in Russia to confirm the qualifications (title of doctor for medic). ( You must log on to this page to perform this procedure in Moscow in the course of training at the preparatory course (language course).

We сan help to make the confirmation of your documents, for an extra fee.