Life in St. Petersburg

Generally, cost of accommodation for foreign student is 250-350 dollars per month, or about 14-21 thousand rubles per month, excluding the cost to rent a flat or house.

Prices for rent for students in Russia range from 150 to 35 000 rubles per month. It depends on the region, type of property and location (university dormitory, hostel or rented room, studio or another apartment). University dormitories is the cheapest type of accommodation. Lots of Russian Universities provide foreign students with rooms mostly these dormitories are very near the university. One room, in them usually is for two students with all facilities lounges, dining rooms, laundries and kitchen on the same floor. There is all needed furniture inside too. They are also have storages, rooms for bicyclesand security service. Different Universities have different dormitory fees. They are mostly from 150 to 5,000 rubles per month, which is much cheaper than renting apartments. If for some reason you don’t like to live in a dormitory, then you should look for aapartment or room to rent. It’s more expensive this way, but you can choose: the location, level of comfort etc. For instance, renting a studio in St. Petersburg can cost 16-19 thousand rubles per month, one-bedroom flat’s price is 19-22 thousand rubles per month, the room - 12-15 thousand rubles a month, the price depends on the location and comfort Some universities help their foreign students find accommodation in selected host families. Therefore, first of all, you should connect your university representatives and ask them, do they provide such services. It’s the quickest and safest way tofind housing. You can live at the dormitory while the search is going.

Student’s food list ( bread, pasta, fish and seafood, vegetables, fruit, milk, sugar) costs from 3200 to 4300 rubles per month, it all depends on where would you buy foods (market or supermarket). Russian supermarket chains provide regular discounts for the customers.

The lunch at the St. Petersburg cafes and restaurants costs from 700 to 2100 rubles, a business lunch costs 150-400 rubles. Theaters' tickets are 350-2 500 rubles, cinema tickets are from 150 to 500 rubles. Visiting the museums costs from 100 to 1000 rubles. Entrance to nightclubs is mostly free in Russia, visitors buy some drinks and cocktails. The price of a cocktail generally is 300 rubles. Lots of universities have their own gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs. Some of them are free for their studentsand other are much cheaper than city gyms or sports clubs etc.

Transport expenses. The subway ticket for a one ride is 45 rubles in St. Petersburg. Underground is very developed and gives an easy access to almost any place in the city. It is also possible to buy fare cards which will help you save on the rides, their cost is 30-32 rubles. The price depends on how often would you use the subway. Trolley, bus and tram's fares are near 35 rubles, They've got transfers too. You can also buy fare cards for all kind of transport in The subway ticket window or vending machine.

The climate in St. Petersburg is damp and genial. Summers are wet, rainy and very warm. Summer temperatures are in the mids 20s degrees Celsius. Winters are usually mild, cold with slush and sleet. Winter temperatures are in the mids - 10s degrees Celsius. There aren’t many bright sunny days with clear blue sky.