Education in Russia

Russia is a country with high educational level If a foreign student has the document confirming his education in his own country, then after the interview and checking similarity of studying programs student studies the specialty in chosen Russian University.

Student should get special student visa which is issued if there is an invitation from Russian University. Our agency helps to receive this invitation for a visa. Russian is popular language and lots of people all around the world speak it.

Russian Universities have wide range of programs for studying Russian such as courses, summer schools, distant lessons. One of the most important advantages of after school high education in Russia is that you can study at a university, not knowing Russian. You just should have a zero course which basically prepares you for the main course before undergraduate or graduate, or post-graduate residency training program. You will learn Russian, engaged in an intensive program to further studying. Also, some students study general subjects (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, history, etc.), which they will need to pass an interview and exam in the chosen specialty.

By the way, not necessarily you would be at same University, where you had course, you might select any Russian university. The fees at these universities varies from 65 000 to 350 000 per year, it depends on the region and specialty. Students in Russia have special discounts and offers at different places and public transport. To start studying at any of Russian universities, foreign students should prepare package of documents for applying. First you should do the procedure of legalization of the diploma, it usually can be done in Russian embassy, but there are other options -for instance you can do this while you're studying in Russia.

Zero language courses at the universities. Some countries cooperate with Russian universities that's why international diplomas and certificates or other educational documents are automatically valid. You should contact Russian embassy in your country to know is there a cooperating agreement or you could contact us and we will give you this information. You should legalize your Russian university diploma here in Russia after ending education in our country which will give your educational document power to work abroad. For more information about the list of documents please read sections “admission to graduate studies” or “residency” or “ access to basic education”. Please get “Apostle” on the documents at your country only.