Undergraduate education

Here is a list of documents for admission to higher education course.

You should contact us and send them:

  1. Passport (scans or copies in color);
  2. Certificate of high school or college diploma of full secondary vocational education;
  3. The completed applying form of Russian University (we will send it to you).

You should pay fees 30% of the total costs of services ($ 800) or $ 240. After finishing applying the University's form please send it to us by e-mail (a scan or copy in color).After that we will send you an invitation from the University of DHL on address which you wrote in the form (the address of your residence).

Then please take this invitation and go to Russian Embassy in the capital of your country to receive a visa, you can also go to the Russian Consulate if it is somewhere near you or in a nearest city. We will send you a scan of an email invitation in black and white electronic format to the address of your residence by DHL before sending you an original invitation from the University.

After getting a Russian visa, you should buy tickets and to warn us about the date and time of your arrival to St. Petersburg here in Russia. Someone of our staff will meet and greet you here and help you get to the University, fill the necessary immigration documents and receipt of a dorm room.

As we said earlier studying at Russian universities is in Russian, English is for exceptional cases only. That's why first year students here in Russia learn the Russian language and terminology of the chosen specialty on university studying programs for foreign students.

Next, you should pass an interview and exam well to be able start studying at the University on the chosen specialty.

Pay attention. You should also prepare and bring this list of following documents before arriving to Russia:

  1. College Diploma or Certificate of Secondary Education;
  2. Copy of college diploma stamped by College Secretary or lawyer and college reference ( a piece of paper with College secretary or lawer's stamp which confirms you where student of that college);
  3. Study plan with the stamps of the school or College lawyer, Faculty secretary and secretary of the College (for those with secondary vocational education);
  4. Certificate of your employment (if you have experience) or a certificate of internship (if you have any internship experience) was given you by Head of Service or a certificate was properly given you from the place of residence by law enforcement agencies;
  5. Letter from the employer or a certificate of internship duly certified by the head of service (doctor's stamp) and the Ministry of Health for those entering the medical profession, and also experience working as a nurse or medical brother.

All of the above documents must be with an apostille of the competent local authorities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that they can be addressed to Russia. (Apostille - International standardized form fills with the information of the legality document for presentation at the territory of countries that recognize this form of legalization stamp "Apostille" is placed only on the original state documents). These documents and two copies of your passport will need a translation and notarization in Russia to verify the specialty and qualifications (for medical professionals confirm the title of doctor). You should perform this procedure here during the learing process at the preparing language course at the Russian University.

To do this, you will need to apply to the National Information Centre for the recognition of education and qualification, academic degree obtained in a foreign country in Moscow (www.nic.gov.ru).

We help to pass the procedure of confirmation of qualification and education for an additional charge. Certanly, If you want, you can do everything yourself.